Thursday, April 8th through Sunday, April 11th 2021
University Park Country Club (Lakeside Room), 7671 The Park Blvd, University Park, FL

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Tim Jaeger

Raised in Paducah, Kentucky (1979), Tim Jaeger earned his Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Fine Arts and a Minor in Modern Art History from the Ringling College of Art and Design, in Sarasota, Florida (2002), where he was a Trustee Scholar.

For the last twenty years, he has maintained his studio in Sarasota. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Louisiana, New York, and South Carolina. He has received several awards and grants including the Artist Residency and Fellowship Chateau L’Hesperit, Monaret, France (2007-2008), and the Arts Leadership Award, Sarasota County Arts Council (2010).

Jaeger’s paintings can be found in numerous public and private collections including RBC Wealth Management, St. Petersburg, Florida; Louisville Chamber of Commerce, Louisville, Kentucky; Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, Kentucky; and the Southeast Guide Dogs Center, Palmetto, Florida.

In addition to his studio practice, Jaeger is also the Director and Chief Curator of Galleries + Exhibitions at Ringling College of Art + Design, a long-time art instructor, husband to artist, Cassia Kite, and father of two . For a full listing of recent solo and group exhibitions, news and much more visit:

Vicky Randall

Vicky Randall, originally from Nashville, Tennessee and now a South Florida sculptor, has been creating work in fabricated metals, stainless steel, and bronze for over 30 years. She is well known for her monumental sculptures in stainless steel, and her work is represented in public art installations and over fifty private collections in the US and Germany. Her sculptures have been described as "majestic, lyrical and assertive of the space they occupy." Reflecting on her artistic process, she says: "Striving for simplicity, I demand harmony between the landscape and the cityscape with my forms. I use abstractions of steel and light to exemplify my impression of time."

Maria Lyle

© 2013 Maria Lyle Photography. It is illegal to copy or reproduce this or any Digital File(s)/Photographs elsewhere without our written permission.The years have flown by since I began my career in photography in 1984, and although the essence of the “sport” remains the same, the rules of the game continue to change and evolve as digital technology solidifies its position in the photographic industry. The transition has totally changed and revolutionized my creative world and set fire to the passion I have felt for the art since a young age.

Digital has made some aspects of the image making process easier, while conversely adding several more intricate aspects that did not exist before the change. Annually, I dedicate a large part of my time to learning more about digital processes within the industry’s leading products in order to optimize the impact of my images. While anyone with a digital camera can push a button and take a photograph it takes a trained eye to create an image that speaks at another level with its viewers.

Every one of my clients has their own audience to reach and their own message to relay, so by asking the right questions I am able to address their specific needs, while at the same time bringing in a fresh perspective. The results are images that become assets in building their own personal business success.


Art in the park 2021

Thursday through Sunday, April 8th -- 11th, 2021

University Park Country Club

7671 The Park Blvd

University Park, FL 34201
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