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Friday, March 15 through Sunday, March 17, 2024
Open to the public on Saturday and Sunday 10 am. to 5 pm

University Park Country Club, 7671 The Park Blvd, University Park, FL

Volunteer Instructions

All artists in Art in the Park are asked to volunteer in some way to help the show run smoothly.

Flyer Distribution:

If you sign up to distribute flyers in mailboxes, you will be advised when and where to pick up your packet of flyers. Flyers should be placed in mailboxes Thursday through Monday, March 7-11. Ideally distribution would take place just after the mail has been delivered.

Art Check In:

On the morning of the show, Friday, March 15, arrive by 7:30am to the Lakeside Room. You should be done soon after 9:00am.  (Promise, coffee will be available!)

Help check in artists bringing their work from 7:45am-9:00am. You will be given a particular range of alphabetized artists to check in.

Verify all art has an Artwork Label taped to the front of each work (to include artist name and title of the art ). Verify it matches the information artists provided at registration on the sheet in front of you. Once you’ve checked the art in, check it off on your sheet. With a bit of the sticky putty on the back of the card, attach the corresponding Art Title Card to the label for each piece. 

Verify each artist has brought only two bins or floor racks (or one of each) and that they are of professional quality. Check that each bin item has the artist's name and price. We cannot accept bin items without individualized artist name and pricing. (Any questions, call Deborah, Betsy or Lori over.)

Tell artists to put their art in the staging area for the hanging committee and bins to the appropriate tables. (We’ll point that out when you arrive.)


Hanging Committee:

Please arrive at the Lakeside Room by 8:45am on Friday, March 15.  Members of the hanging committee should feel comfortable being on their feet for three hours, reaching their arms overhead and lifting potentially heavy artwork. Please wear comfortable shoes and plan on being there until around noon.

You will be  assigned to a group of two other people also with good taste and a discerning eye to hang work on panels.

First step is for your group to select a big, bold piece that speaks from across the room to you. Another option might be to see a pattern, for example, images of animals or water scenes, that might work nicely together on a panel.  

Hang that dominant piece in a pleasing spot on the panel. Even if you go thematic, there is usually one piece that invites viewers from across the room and you might start hanging that piece.

Then select smaller pieces that complement the dominant piece and make that panel work effectively  to draw a viewer’s eye and  invite her/him to come over to inspect the panel further.

Voila! Repeat the process over on another panel!

Show Hosts:

Your job is to: 

  • Welcome guests.
  • Ask guests to sign in. (We do not share this information. It is only for internal use.) There are three guestbooks, 2 for residents and members of UP and the other exclusively for those non-member visitors who live outside the Park. We use the information to help us determine the most effective promotions for the show. 
  • Point out the Artists' Biography book and the table where payments are handled.
  • Explain the People's Choice Awards, offering each guest one ballot and pencil. Without being police-like, explain only one vote for one art piece per visitor.

Try to discourage people from hanging around at the entrance so other visitors can access the show easily. Conversations can be held inside the front of the Lakeside Room.

Any questions, please call Deborah, Betsy or Lori over. For specific questions about the art, please advise guests to contact the artist directly. Artists' phone numbers are available in the Bio Book and their email addresses are in the program.

Check-out Process for Sold Items

Please arrive promptly to relieve the checkout team before you. You may decide that one of you will  handle Square and the other will do the other tasks.

Ring up ALL purchases on the Square terminal, including credit card, cash and checks (This is critical to pay artists the correct amount!). If desired by the customer, receipts can be printed from the terminal.

Checks should be made out directly to the artist. Both cash and checks should be put in the envelope with the artist's name on it.  Credit card purchases will be recorded on Square.

As appropriate, you can bag items in the 2 sizes of bags.

Indicate the name of the purchaser of displayed art (not bin art) on the list provided so the artist knows who has bought which pieces. Ask the purchaser if she/he is comfortable leaving an email address for the artist to be able to contact her/him in the future.

Place a RED "sold" dot on the title card of sold work. NO RED DOTS ARE TO BE PLACED ON ART WORK THAT HAS NOT BEEN PAID IN FULL.

Explain that purchased art is to be picked up Sunday 5:00 - 5:15pm or arrangements made directly with the artist. Buyers should bring their receipt with them. ONLY in RARE circumstances (e.g.,  someone is leaving on a plane) can a piece be taken before the show is over. (Please talk with Deborah before granting early pickup.)  Bin artwork may be taken at the time of purchase.

Deborah will take the cash box at the end of each day.

Upcoming events

Art in the park 2024

Saturday and Sunday, March 15 -- March 17, 2024, 10 am to 5 pm
University Park Country Club

7671 The Park Blvd

University Park, FL 34201
Free Admission and Parking

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